Lighting Design

Here at BTC we strive to deliver Lighting solutions. We understand that lighting should be a key ingredient to the architectural process. Using our years of experience and team of lighting designers to achieve what is possible to create exceptional detail that harness the subtle interplay between texture, form and colour. Focusing on the cutting edge of lighting technology we create lighting that integrates almost invsiably into its environment, creating maximum impact with Fantastic results.

Our team includes lighting design, architecture, fine art, product design, engineering and Electrical contracting background - specialists in their fields and without exception passionate about what they do. Working in close collaboration with architects, deisgners and clients, we combine practical expertise with state-of-the-art technology and with a uniquely creative approach, we deliver a product that is quite simply second to none.

Jonathan Coles

We also have a collaboration with Jonathan Coles one of the most respected and acknowledged Lighting constancy in the world offering bespoke product and lighting design.

Jonathan Coles

NICEIC Approved Contractor